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Efforts for drug free life: experience of a mother
Interview taken by: Humayun Kabir

By living with extreme poverty, frustration and insecurity the future generation are grasped by drugs. High percentages of young generations of marginalized community in Dhaka city are addicted! The disadvantaged areas like Amin Bazar, Zinzira , Mogbazar, Mirpur, Agargaon, old Dhaka and Muhammedpur slums  are widely affected. A huge number of marginalized families are facing additional serious problem along with poverty. To discover the real problem, Mr. Humayun Kabir talked with a mother whose son once was drug addicted! The mother openly shares her experience.

Question: How many children do you have?
Mother: I have two sons and four daughters.

Question: Which son was drug addicted?
Mother: My elder son was drug addicted.

Question: How did you understand that your son was drug addicted?
Mother: When he became drug addicted, I found some changes in his attitudes compare to before. He got up from sleep very lately, however daily communication abnormal! He asked more money then before. I heard that he become drug addicted and reconfirmed by investigation.    

Question: What kind of family problem did you face when he was addicted?
Mother: We were in serious problem. Firstly he asked money if I did not give, he took away home materials and bought drug. He almost finished plates, pots, shari, cloths, ornaments and expensive show pieces. When I did not give money, he quarreled and sometimes he beat us. He beat his wife as well. He did not think about the future of his son. Sometimes he specked with chopper.      

Question: What kind of social problem did you face?
Mother: Neighbors always talked hateful and shameful words. They told me “Your son destroyed our peace. Our children will learn taking drug by seeing your son. Why your son is doing such kind unsocial activities…?”. People said me that you are not a bad person, but why your son becomes so bad? I prayed to Allah what kind of sin I did that my son became drug addicted!

Question: What kind of problem did you face from relatives?
Mother: Generally he went to relative’s house to ask money. Usually he went to his sister’s, aunts, and uncle’s house. If they denied to give money, he quarreled with them. He did not leave their house until give money. Finally they gave to release from trouble! It was shamed for me!

Question: How did you rescue him from drug addiction?
Mother: It was continuously three years drug addicted. I admitted him a number of hospital to rescue from drug addiction but nothing was effective. He was drug free for few days but after again became drug addicted. Of that if there was happen any crime in our area, everybody blamed my son. I realized that I have to do something; otherwise more problems will be happen in future. His wife also went back to his father’s house with his son. I made him understand to rescue from drug by admitting in drug-cure hospital. He told me if I brought back his wife, he will get admitted in hospital. I kept back his wife to me and admitted him to hospital for curing. He stayed for seven months in hospital. There was a condition of hospital to take home after four months but I did not bring him home. After seven months finished he him home as a drug free person. It was possible only for his devotion, because he started to hate this way of living with drugs.         

Question: How much money you have to spend for his cure?
Mother:  Before admit to full course a patient has to take one month training. Of that training season, I had pay 300 taka per day…. After one month I requested to doctor for admit in the full course. The hospital asked 60,000 taka for full course. I was disappointed for big amount! I made them understand that my son sold everything of the house. At last they agreed with 25000 taka…..

Question: What is your dream to your son?
Mother: My son is aboard and become an experienced car driver. He is driving car in Saudi Arabia. He will come within few days. My plan is to buy a car. He will lead a drug free life.

Interviewer:Humayun Kabir, is a student of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh ( He is studying Business Studies, but has superb interest to Multimedia and Journalism. 

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