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'O Sakhina...', a song of Fakir Alamgir

" O Sakhina... " the song of Fakir Alamgir is one of the most popular song of Bangladesh. The folk singer Fakir Alamgir has established his own style of lyrics and form which is the blend of traditional folk song with western instruments. He has a number of popular albums are immensely popular Bangladesh and India. His songs, 'O Sakhina' are too popular that it become lip song of the mass people. Farkir Alamgir is the founder of 'Wrishijo Shilpi Gosthi'.

Fakir Alamos most of song become widely popular across the country as all song carry the massage of the reality. He particularly emphasis on the reality, life struggle and vision of marginalized community with high voices. In the song ' O Sokhina' he says, the story of a exploited farmer who have lost he crop to pay the loan and become a rickshaw puller.   In the song the says the sotry as the voice of farmer himself to his lover 'Sokhina'.

This music video has been record from the stage performance in Rabirdra Sharabor, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

Film: Shahjahan Siraj
Editing: J. Alam
Production: Machizo Multimedia

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